Canada bans flight from India and Pakistan [30 days]

Canada bans flight from India and Pakistan [30 days]

Canada bans flight from India and Pakistan [30 days]
Santosh Dhamala

International arrivals in Canada require mandatory COVID-19 testing after they enter Canada.

As per the data monitored and collected by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the number of COVID-19-positive cases is significantly higher in flights that are originated from Pakistan and India. This concerns the number of COVID-19 cases alarmingly increasing in India and Pakistan.

Because of this observation, Transport Canada issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). As per this NOTAM, commercial and private passenger flights originating from India and Pakistan are suspended for 1 month starting from 22 April 2021. 

In this one-month hiatus, the Canadian government and health ministry intend to assess COVID-19 and develop a more permanent solution. 

The minister of Transport, The Honourable Omar Alghabra, said, “The pandemic continues to create an unprecedented crisis in the global aviation industry, and our government continues to take action to protect the health and safety of Canadians. That is why Transport Canada has issued a notice to air operators to temporarily suspend passenger flights from India and Pakistan—where many passengers are arriving with COVID-19”. 

The Transport Minister also added that Canada would also suspend flights from other countries if necessary. 

Additionally, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has banned all flights from India. 

How can students from India or Pakistan travel to Canada?

Additionally, the flight passengers can fly to Canada from India and Pakistan via an indirect route. However, for this, the passengers need to appear for a COVID-19 test in the third country and be COVID-19 negative before making a journey to Canada. 

Canada has taken these measures to decrease the imported cases of COVID-19 and maintain the security of the Canadian Health Care System. 

Can people from other countries fly to Canada?

As for passengers from other countries, Canada has strict rules. The air arrivals need to stay in a hotel, give an on-arrival test and stay in a 14-day isolation/ quarantine period. 

Canada demands enhanced testing requirements from travellers. 

As a result of this, the people intending to travel to Canada should appear on pre-departure (air) COVID-19 testing, pre-arrival (land) COVID-19 testing, on-arrival testing and after quarantine period (14 days) testing. 

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