Student Life in Canada

Student Life in Canada

Study Info CentreTue Dec 29 2020
Student Life in Canada, Study in Canada, Canada

Student Life in Canada

If you have never been to Canada, there is a big world ahead of you as an international student. Canada is an incredibly beautiful, peaceful and adventurous country with endless opportunities. You have the freedom to go where you want and do what you have always dreamt of doing. When you finally step foot on Canadian soil, there are quite a few things you will want to know:


Canadians are known for being diverse and inclusive. Everyone is welcomed no matter how they look or talk. Large festivals are held all around the country in famous provinces and cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and more. You can usually find local festivals by searching online for “Festivals around me.” 

If nothing appeals to you there, you can use official festival and events websites such as for residents of Ontario. There you should find everything from commerce festivals, fairs, art festivals, etc.

Best city to travel during weekends

If you are looking for a beautiful city to visit during a weekend break, Vancouver is the place to go. Vancouver is a city in the province of British Columbia, and it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. There you will meet people who come from different places all around the world. 

The city is also surrounded by mountains, so if sightseeing, hiking and being adventurous are activities you enjoy, you will have a great time. On top of having beautiful sceneries, the city is known for having the freshest and tastiest seafood. For a weekend trip, you can expect to spend a little more money than you would at another city, but it is definitely worth it.


Not only is Canada known for being ethnically diverse, but culturally diverse as well. Canadian culture was influenced by the British, French and Americans. There is no national culture as Canadians pride themselves for being fair and treating people with equality and social justice. 

You will find love and passion for all aspects of cultural life in Canada, everything from sports, literature, cooking, film, art, music, politics and more. Always remember that in Canada, you have the ability to take part in any cultural aspect you like, and that you have the freedom to express your culture.

Best thing to do in Canada

The single best thing to do in Canada is to explore. Canada without a doubt has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. British Columbia has Vancouver Island, Quebec has Old Quebec, Ontario has Niagara Falls and the Parliament of Canada, British Columbia has Butchart Gardens, and Manitoba has The Forks. There are tons of places to explore in Canada that are full of history and lovely sights. 

When you visit different parts of the country, you will feel like you are visiting various countries around the world, and that’s because of Canada’s diverse culture. When you explore, you will also learn, bond, share and create new memories with the people you love.

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