Cost of Studying in Canada: Total Expenses to Study in Canada for International Students

Cost of Studying in Canada: Total Expenses to Study in Canada for International Students

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Cost of Studying in Canada: Total Expenses to Study in Canada for International Students
Saru NiraulaFri Dec 23 2022

Your ability to complete your academic goals depends on choosing the appropriate course at your ideal Canadian university. 

An essential part of promoting education in Canada is funding. You must follow a process and fulfil prerequisites at a Canadian university as an international student to be admitted to your chosen program. 

This process has several steps, and each necessitates a financial investment. Knowing how much money is needed will help me get ready for my studies in Canada. 

This article will walk you through the overall cost of attending school in Canada to help you become prepared.

Top Factors That Determine The Cost Of Studying In Canada

Let's first take a broad look at how much it will cost Indian students to study in Canada before we delve into the specifics of the overall costs. 

The costs you will incur as an international student in two phases are shown in the table below, including the average cost of studying in Canada. 

First, you're applying to the Canadian university of your choice. 

The university accepts you following your student application, and you relocate to Canada to begin your studies.

  • IELTS/TOEFL (one-time): 15,500 INR (254 CAD)/ $180-$325 (241 CAD- 436 CAD)
  • Purchase of GIC (one-time): 6,10,600 INR/10,000 CAD
  • Tuition fee (per annum): 18,227 CAD/11,13,000 INR-48,360 CAD/29,53,000 INR
  • Application Fee (one-time): 10,000 INR
  • Application for the student visa (one-time): 9,200 INR/150 CAD
  • Visa Procedure (one-time): 4,500 INR
  • Flight tickets (to Canada): 1,00,000 INR-2,00,000 INR
  • Living expenses (per year): 5,00,000 INR
  • Total: 32,69,800 INR (approx.)

Indian Students' Studying Costs in Canada

The list below lists the typical tuition costs for international students attending undergraduate and graduate programs in Canada. 

These are the typical fees for overseas students in Canada for the first year of study. One portion must be paid at the time of admittance; the remaining portion must be paid once you have arrived in Canada. 

According to Statistics Canada's projections for 2022–203, the data is in the list below.

  • Undergraduate: 31,200 CAD/1,900,000 INR-49,130CAD/ 30,00,000 INR per annum
  • Postgraduate: 24,760 CAD/15,12,000 INR- 45,035 CAD/27,50,000 INR per annum

The total cost of studying in Canada, including living expenses

Indian students' living costs and university tuition in Canada make up their total cost of attendance. 

The Canadian university you select for your studies and the course determine your Canadian fees for international students. 

You need to pay the university the Canadian tuition fees for your degree after you have received an unconditional offer letter from the school. 

Some universities charge tuition every term, while others may charge Canadian study costs for the first year.

  • Accommodation: 24,500 INR/400 CAD- 36,700 INR/600 CAD
  • Food & Grocery: 12,053 INR/200 CAD-18,000 INR/300 CAD
  • Transportation: 6,000 INR/100 CAD-15,000 INR/250 CAD
  • Internet: 1,800 INR/30 CAD-3,000 INR/50 CAD
  • Miscellaneous: 36,200 INR/600 CAD-42,200 INR/700 CAD

Additional Important Studying Costs In Canada

As an international student studying in Canada, you will need to pay a few more necessary fees in addition to tuition and living costs. For your information, we have listed them in detail below.

Visa costs

It costs 150 CAD/9,170 INR to apply for a study permit in Canada. There is a fee of 85 CAD/5,200 INR for providing biometrics (fingerprints and photos).

Fees for applications

Along with academic or professional experience credentials, you must submit your language competency test results to each university when applying. Each institution charges a price for applications depending on the program you use for. It varies for overseas students between 45 CAD (2,750 INR) and 200 CAD (12,220 INR).

Quebec's certificate of acceptance (CAQ)

International students need Quebec and Canadian government approval to enrol in courses at Québec universities. You can accomplish it by requesting a certificate of acceptance based on the course length. You must pay the 114 CAD /6,970 INR application fee and shipping costs for the papers to Quebec to proceed (approximately 2,000 INR).

Student Health Insurance Abroad

It is a requirement for international students studying in Canada to have health insurance. The cost of looking in Canada for Indian students includes this obligation because it is a legal requirement. 

Some Canadian provinces offer free health insurance for overseas students living in their state. 

If you want to know if the Canadian university you have been admitted to is eligible for free health insurance, you can check the official website of Canadian immigration. 

When you arrive in Canada, you must apply for health insurance.

You must get health insurance if the government of the Canadian province where you will be staying does not provide free health insurance. 

For the duration of the visit, this must cover all medical issues. You must have health insurance before you may apply for a student visa to Canada. 

Before you start your term, you must present your university with the insurance certificate.

Health insurance premiums typically cost between 600 CAD (36,700 INR) and 900 CAD (54,950 INR) per year. The average cost of studying in Canada must take into account.

Proof of funds 

One must provide proof of sufficient cash and pay the university fees for international students in Canada. 

This is a requirement for getting a study permit. The table below provides a summary of how much money you need to have to support yourself while you are a student. These are separate from the tuition costs. 

To obtain a Canadian student visa, you must pay the entire amount of tuition and other costs listed in the table below. Please remember that they only cover money if you bring some family members to Canada, which incurs additional costs.

Purchasing a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

This serves as one of the financial verification documents needed to obtain a student permit. 

The students must adjust the first year's living expenditures by purchasing a special guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) from one of the participating institutions, such as Nova Scotia Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Canada Bank, and CIBC Bank, for 10,200 CAD/5,50,000 INR. 

The bank will remove about 200 CAD/10,800 INR for administrative costs.

After arriving in Canada, the student receives 2,000 CAD (1,08,000 INR) immediately. After that, the students would get 8,000 CAD/4,40,000 INR in 12 equal payments to cover their monthly living needs.

Entrance Exams

International students from non-English-speaking nations must pass English language proficiency exams to enrol in a Canadian institution. 

This assesses a person's ability to read, write, speak, and listen. You can be required to take subject-specific exams by the university, depending on the program and institution you choose to attend.

Air tickets

There are direct flights and flights with layovers between India and Canada. The price of your tickets will vary according to the flight you select, the boarding city, the destination city, the ticket class, the booking date, and the boarding date. It is between a million and two million Indian rupees.

Appear for medical test

When you are in India, you must pay all fees associated with the medical examination. This includes necessary tests, investigations, or treatment and the doctor's and radiologist's fees. As advised by the Canadian government's Immigration division, getting tested by a doctor is required.

You can obtain a thorough understanding of specific prices with the help of the extensive information on the price of studying in Canada that this article offers. 

The actual cost to an individual varies depending on the program, university, city, kind of lodging, and lifestyle choice. 

By picking the best program and a Canadian university, the first step is to lay a solid foundation.

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