Accommodation in Canada

Accommodation in Canada

Aditee NeupaneWed Nov 18 2020

Accommodation in Canada

Finding suitable accommodation in Canada is one of the first things that a newcomer student would want to accomplish. You have various accommodation options to choose from in Canada. Depending on your budget, expectations, needs, how long you will stay in Canada you will be able to find the right accommodation for you. 

On-campus accommodation

You can always opt for on-campus accommodation or accommodation near your campus as many schools in Canada provide on-campus accommodations as residence halls, town houses, and flats. 

Dorm rooms usually have shared kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and social rooms. Dorms are usually suggested for first-year students so that they can meet new friends and get involved within the campus, where you will have to share it with either one or two roommates. 

Town houses are generally reserved for third and fourth-year students. It is designed for three to six students with a single-occupancy room where all have to share the same room with a single kitchen and living room. The majority of the students prefer staying on campus for the first or second year. The average cost of on-campus accommodation is around CAD 3000 to 7500 per school per year. 

Off-campus accommodation/ shared flats

While looking for off-campus housing try looking for housing that is near your campus and fits within your budget and make sure to check all the necessary things like lease papers with all the proper rules and regulations, conditions of the premises and keep in touch with the landlord for all the details of the housing. 

Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations as a tenant. The price, quality, and availability of shared flats differ from city to city. Students of the third and fourth years generally opt for moving to off-campus accommodation after they get familiar with the place and people. You can expect to spend around CAD 400 to 1500 per month which further depends on the city you choose, your neighbourhood, and whether you have a roommate. 


Homestay is the safest option for newcomers in Canada. You are provided with a private room, one to three meals per day, and internet access by the host family. Students living in homestays can expect to travel between 30 and 50 minutes by bus or train to reach their school. While living with a host family you can learn more about the country, culture, and cuisine. 

As you do your research you will figure out the accommodation that fits you. You can always opt for dorms or town houses during the first year and then gradually move to off-campus accommodations. 


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