How to Prepare Duolingo English Test 2023: Check Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare Duolingo English Test 2023: Check Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare Duolingo English Test 2023: Check Tips & Tricks
Dilip Chaulagain

The Duolingo English Test is a popular and convenient English language proficiency test that assesses your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Whether you're taking the test for university admission or employment purposes, a well-prepared approach is essential for success. 

This comprehensive guide will provide valuable tips and tricks to prepare for the Duolingo English Test 2023 and achieve your desired score.

Understanding the Duolingo English Test

Before diving into preparation, it's essential to understand the format and structure of the Duolingo English Test. The test consists of the following sections:

  • Reading Comprehension: Assessing your ability to understand written English passages and answer questions based on them.
  • Listening Comprehension: Evaluating your comprehension of spoken English through audio clips and related questions.
  • Writing: Testing your writing skills by responding to prompts or questions with well-structured and coherent written responses.
  • Speaking: Demonstrating your speaking proficiency by recording responses to given prompts.

Now that you know what to expect, let's explore some practical tips and tricks to excel in each section.

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Tips & Tricks for Duolingo English Test 2023 Preparation

Familiarise Yourself with the Test Format

Start by familiarising yourself with the Duolingo English Test format. Understand the number of questions, time limits, and question types for each section.

Take Practice Tests

Practice is critical to success. Take multiple practice tests to become accustomed to the test's structure and improve your time management skills.

Improve Reading Skills

Enhance your reading skills by regularly reading English articles, news, and literature. Pay attention to new vocabulary and sentence structures.

Listen to English Audio

Immerse yourself in English audio content, such as podcasts, interviews, and lectures. Practice listening and comprehending different accents and speaking styles.

Practice Writing Essays

Practice writing essays on various topics. Focus on clear organisation, grammar, and coherence in your writing.

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Expand Vocabulary

Learn new words and phrases daily. Use flashcards or vocabulary apps to build a solid and varied vocabulary.

Develop Speaking Fluency

Speak in English as much as possible. Engage in conversations with native speakers or language partners to improve fluency.

Work on Pronunciation

Pay attention to pronunciation and intonation. Practice speaking clearly and effectively.

Time Management

Practice answering questions within the allocated time for each section. Avoid spending too much time on a single question.

Read Instructions Carefully

Read and understand all instructions before attempting each question. Avoid unnecessary mistakes due to misinterpretation.

Use Context Clues

In the reading section, use context clues to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Take Notes

Jot down key points and ideas during the reading and listening sections to aid in answering questions accurately.

Eliminate Wrong Choices

In multiple-choice questions, eliminate incorrect answers to improve your chances of selecting the correct option.

Be Consistent with English Usage

Use tenses, grammar, and vocabulary consistently during the speaking and writing sections.

Practice Under Test Conditions

Simulate test conditions during your practice sessions to adapt to the pressure and time constraints.

Seek Feedback

Request feedback from teachers or language experts on your speaking and writing responses to identify areas for improvement.

Stay Calm and Confident

Maintain a calm and confident demeanour during the test. Avoid rushing and take your time to provide well-thought-out responses.

Practice Speaking in Front of a Camera

Record yourself responding to practice prompts to assess your fluency, pronunciation, and coherence.

Revise Grammar Rules

Review English grammar rules and practice applying them in writing and speaking.

Stay Positive and Motivated

Believe in yourself and stay motivated throughout your Duolingo English Test preparation journey.

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Tips for Duolingo Adaptive Test Section:

Read and Complete:

  • Focus on understanding the passage's context to fill in the missing words or letters.
  • Avoid getting fixated on the missing parts; comprehend the overall message.

Read and Select:

  • Trust your knowledge of the English language.
  • Pay attention to slight differences in word spelling and syllables.
  • Feel free to select and deselect words if needed.

Listen and Select:

  • Relying on your understanding and intuition.
  • Pay close attention to syllables and minor differences in words.
  • Double-check your choices before moving on.

Listen and Type:

  • Listen carefully to the statement 2-3 times before typing.
  • Make necessary adjustments after each repetition.

Read Aloud:

  • Practice reading aloud from various sources like books and articles.
  • Pay attention to punctuation, pauses, and pronunciation.
  • Take your time, and don't rush through the questions.

Write About The Photo:

  • Go beyond a basic description and write more than one sentence.
  • Review your grammar and spelling before proceeding to the next question.

Speak About The Photo:

  • Structure your response during the 20-second preparation time.
  • Speak at an average pace and enunciate clearly.
  • Describe the photo as if you were explaining it to a blind person.
  • Stay calm if you stumble, and continue with your response.

Read and Write:

  • Take your time to prepare and structure your response.
  • Aim to write at least 50 words, ensuring correct grammar and spelling.
  • Manually click "Next" if you want more time to review your answer.

Read and Speak:

  • Speak confidently and clearly, maintaining a steady pace.
  • Ensure you address all elements of the prompt in your response.
  • Prepare your response before advancing to the recording screen.

Listen and Speak:

  • Understand the question thoroughly before recording your response.
  • Note that the prompt can only be replayed twice.
  • Speak continuously for 30 seconds, as the "Next" button indicates.

Tips for Attempting Graded Section:

  • Time Management:
  • Use the allotted time effectively for each question.
  • Revise answers before clicking "Next" if time permits.

Focus on Accuracy:

  • Prioritize accuracy over speed to avoid anxiety.

Careful Reading:

  • Double-check questions, especially for "corrector," "wrong," or "similar/ opposite" options.

Tips for Video Interview and Writing Section (Ungraded):

Speaking (Video) Sample:

  • Practice speaking for 1-3 minutes on various topics before the test.
  • Be confident, fluent, and enunciate properly during the recording.
  • Ignore the timer on the screen and focus on effective communication.

Writing Sample:

  • Use the 30-second preparation time to structure your response.
  • Practice writing on different topics and focus on word choice and sentence formation.
  • Use logical transitions to express different thought processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long is the Duolingo English Test valid for?

A: The validity of the Duolingo English Test score varies depending on the institution or organisation's policies. Check with the respective entity for specific validity periods.

Q: Can I use a dictionary during the test?

A: No, using external resources such as dictionaries or translation tools during the test is not allowed.

Q: How long does it take to receive test results?

A: Typically, you'll receive your Duolingo English Test results within 48 hours after completing the test.

Q: Can I retake the Duolingo English Test if I'm not satisfied with my score?

A: You can retake the test if you are unsatisfied with your score. However, there may be a waiting period before you can retake it.

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