300 words SOP Sample

300 words SOP Sample

300 words SOP Sample
Binay Poudel
Disclaimer: This is just one sample to give a hint on how to write an 300 words SOP, we encourage you to write with your own creativity and personal circumstances.
After graduating from high school, I began looking for institutions and universities in Nepal where I might pursue my desired academic course. Still, I could not locate any universities or schools that offered a degree in my chosen field.
After conducting extensive research on courses to pursue my bachelor's degree in a foreign country, I discovered that there are few significant destinations for international students looking for English-speaking surroundings. And I found Australia focuses on the practical aspect of learning for the students. The safe environment, religious freedom, and good economic conditions speak about Australia for themselves. I want to be indulged in an enriched culture and lingual environment that would also develop me with a better personality apart from just strong academics.

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I found several institutes that offered similar Bachelor of Aviation courses. Among them ** offers a wide range of courses designed in conjunction with industry and teaching personnel that are skilled and educated in their respective sectors, all of which will assist me in gaining industry-relevant information to further my career. ** offers me a 30 percent scholarship that will assist me in obtaining a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, ** provides students with the chance to connect theory with the professional workplace's practice and responsibility through their internship program.
After completing my planned course, I will be prepared with advanced knowledge to work as an air traffic controller (ATC). ATCs are the first responsible for the safe flights of an aircraft. As there are no advanced levels of academic institutes in Nepal and a lack of aviation-related skilled manpower, there is a high demand for aviation employees in Nepal. With the present market trend, I anticipate getting paid between NRs 12-20 lakhs per year as an Air Traffic Controller officer, with time and experience, increasing this figure

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