Living Costs in Australia

Living Costs in Australia

Living Costs in Australia
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For a student, being aware of the average living costs in the country they want to study and move to is very important, as it helps you to control your expenses. Living costs are comparatively high in Australia than in most other countries. Some of the basic expenses you need to know about are listed below.  


Finding a suitable place to stay that fits your budget is an essential part of living costs for a student. Various accommodation choices are available in Australia, making it easier to find a suitable place.

Some Australian universities provide on-campus residence halls to students here, costing you around AUD$110 to $280 per week. Shared flats with students and living off-campus are preferred mainly by international students as it also helps reduce your extra expenses, which cost you around AUD$95 to $215 per week. 

But, if you prefer living alone instead of sharing your flat or your rented place, it may cost you around AUD$185 to $440 per week. Homestays are also available, which allows you to indulge in the beauty and culture of Australia. 


You can find various public transportation facilities in Australia which are reliable and affordable. Especially if you live far from the campus, public transport would be the best option to travel to and from your institution. 

There are various forms of public transport available such as buses and trains, and choosing a suitable option will depend on your and the institution’s location. 

Public transport costs you around AUD$30 to $60 per week. If you decide to buy your vehicle, it will cost you thousands of Australian dollars, and its maintenance may cost you around AUD$150 to $260 per week. 


Food expenses depend on you; if you prefer eating out, you may need to spend around AUD20 for a meal in an average restaurant. Weekly, you can expect to spend around AUD$130 to $280 on groceries and eating out. But it still depends on your eating habit and you. If you prefer cooking on your own, it will be much more helpful to control the expenses on food.


Student life becomes hectic with all the deadlines for assignments, moving back and forth between your university and your place, and juggling your work life. To freshen up your hectic schedule, you can visit various beaches, parks, forests, movies, music festivals, and fares. You might spend around AUD$ 40 to $80 a week on entertainment.  


These include extra expenses other than your essential utilities such as study materials, health care needs, shopping, electricity bills, and phone and internet bills. Your phone and internet bills may cost you around AUD15 a week. 

To buy quality jeans and a good pair of shoes, you can spend around AUD100 to AUD150. If you need to visit a private hospital for a check-up, you may need to spend around AUD70 for an appointment.

The most significant living expense for students in Australia is paying your accommodation fares. As a student, you are responsible for handling expenses wisely and planning your budget.

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