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    Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus (MRM)
    Established on: 2007.0

    In honour of the noble martyr Shree Ramnath Dahal, who devoted his life to the country, Martyr Ramnath Multiple College (MRM) was built. It was founded in 2007.  The founding mission of this college was to offer affordable, high-quality education that would meet the needs of the modern world.

    The MRM College is situated in Banasthali, Kathmandu, next to Global IME Bank. It is an excellent location for students from all over the valley because it is on the ring road and has easy access to public transit. The college's facilities are serene and peaceful, giving the students the incredible atmosphere to complete their education without interruption.

    The primary reason for its establishment was to train people with solid academic backgrounds and social skills for various career-related situations. Through an integrated teaching-learning strategy founded on social cognitive theory, the college continually strives to impart intellectual and social traits. Teachers with extensive experience and training devote much of their time and energy to guiding pupils toward academic greatness. Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus (MRM) is committed to providing contemporary and advanced education in a way that impacts everyone's life, leaving behind the conventional teaching method.

    The institution offers +2 business and humanities programs and is associated with the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). In the same way, it offers a variety of undergraduate programs, including Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A). The business and arts faculties are where the institution places its primary emphasis on delivering the most excellent education possible.


    "Building Management Career, Global Image"


    "Dedicated to providing excellent management education that is competitive to develop professional management personalities."

    Salient Features 

    • Excellent education
    • Governed by proactive academicians
    • Infrastructure for academic, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities (monthly)
    • Collaborative and interactive teaching method
    • Making plans for a potential placement via cooperation and goodwill
    • Peaceful environment
    • A seminar, a project, and a field trip
    • Superior amenities
    • Use of overhead projectors and multimedia in education
    • Location with convenient access


    • To support uniform and high-quality teaching
    • To improve students' academic and practical abilities to get the middle-level management workforce ready for improved job prospects.
    • To provide various research-focused and artistic events for the students
    • To develop the student's conceptual and technical abilities through planning presentations, case study analysis, field trips, etc.

    College Highlights 

    University Type

    Private institution 

    Established Year 


    Number of Courses

    BCA and BBS programs with TU affiliation, BBA, BBA-BI programs with PU affiliation



    Main Intakes

    The main intake for programs provided at this college by both TU and PU occurs in September.


    MRM is named after a martyr who battled for social justice, equality, and equity, thus the board of management has established a policy to provide scholarships to deserving students based on their academic ability, socioeconomic situation, and desire to pursue higher education.

    • 100% of the fee is waived for students who received 75% on their previous level exam.
    • The first person to pass each level's terminal test will receive a three-month tuition price reduction in each faculty.
    • The third-place finisher in each level's terminal test will get a one-month tuition cost waiver in each faculty.

    Many, many more scholarships are granted by other sponsor agencies and individuals. Other Scholarships categories are:

    • Martyr Ramnath Dahal Scholarship
    • Martyr Netra Ghimire Scholarship
    • Martyr Biren Rajbanshi Scholarship
    • Martyr Krishna Kuinkel Scholarship
    • Martyr Narayan Shrestha Scholarship
    • Patron Scholarship
    • Chairperson Scholarship
    • Managing Director Scholarship
    • Campus Chief Scholarship
    • Government Scholarship
    • NEB Scholarship

    Application Process

    Documents required for Admission:

    For +2, include the following:

    • SLC Mark sheet
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • SLC Character Certificate

    For Bachelors, include the following:

    • Transcript of 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th-grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th-grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th-grade


    Where is Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus (MRM) Located?

    The Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus is located in Kathmandu's Vanasthali Chowk. It is an excellent location for students from all over the valley because it is on the ring road and has easy access to public transit.

    How can I get into MRM?

    To get admission to Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus (MRM), students must pass a series of tests and meet the program's eligibility requirements.

    Does Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus provide scholarships?

    Yes, Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus (MRM) provides a range of scholarships to students according to their needs and merit. 

    What extracurriculars does Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus provide?

    Debate, elocution, essay writing, art, acting, projects, and trips are just a few of our extracurricular activities.

    What infrastructure services does Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus offer?

    MRM provides the following services: Library, cafeteria, Hostel, Sports Center, Campus Wi-Fi, Transportation Service, Laboratories &Auditorium.

    When is the main intake of Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus?

    MRM's main intake is during September as the program offered by the campus are under affiliation with TU and PU. 

    Is Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus a good university?

    Martyr Ramnath Multiple Campus is a great college as per college standards which say to provide better campus recruitment, quality education and a better campus environment.

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