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    Kadmabari Memorial College of Science and Management (KMCSM)
    Established on: 2005

    Kadmabari Memorial College of Science and Management (KMCSM), a program of the SUTRA Centre for Development and Research, was founded to inspire students to pursue education at their speed, capacity, and spirit. It was formed in 2005 under the Society Registration Act 2034. The centre's promotion of higher social work education in Nepal is one of its goals.

    KMCSM is wholly dedicated to advancing professional social work education in Nepal and delivering higher education. It helps students reach their knowledge and abilities in professional social work, a field of study that aims to enhance people's quality of life and general well-being. KMCSM is committed to delivering high-quality instruction and reducing access to education disparities on campus.

    It created Kadambari Memorial College as a nonprofit, collegiate-level educational endeavour. Kadambari has flourished as a dynamic and forward-thinking Social Work institution in Nepal during its 15-year educational adventure. The institution, shaped by its curriculum, is presently concentrated on providing and creating a top-notch Social Work educational program.

    It seeks to develop itself as Nepal's premier national centre for social work. Currently, Kadambari is working with a committed and motivated team of young academic members and administrators who guide the institution toward its mission enthusiastically and professionally.


    The vision of Kadambari Memorial College is to be an institution of excellence in higher education that responds to changing social contexts, innovates, and integrates knowledge and skills to build a just, sustainable, and people-centred society that upholds and promotes everyone's rights to dignity, equality, and social justice.


    The mission of Kadambari Memorial College is to advance professional social work education as a means of creating moral, devout, and knowledgeable social workers who can lead social change for the benefit of disadvantaged and marginalised people, communities, and groups to create a dignified, equitable, and just society.

    Why KMCSM?

    • Outstanding Opportunities for Academic Growth The educational program at this establishment emphasises experiential learning as a method of supporting students in their preparation for future careers in the real world. As a direct result, alumni are well-equipped and prepared to enter the workforce as competent professionals as a direct consequence of their participation in the program. This is because alumni are well-equipped and prepared to enter the workforce as capable professionals.
    • The university provides excellent financial assistance to its students in the form of scholarships, in addition to giving possibilities for extracurricular activities. You have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and meet new people on its campuses by joining one of the several organisations, clubs, or sports teams that are available. Additionally, the educational establishment provides counselling services, opportunities for peer mentorship, and both student and professional advisers to assist you in accomplishing the objectives that you have established for yourself.
    • The Environment for Learning: The educational institution that makes up the campus is a dynamic and forward-thinking educational establishment that tries to provide the most excellent education that can be given to its pupils while also adhering to high ideals and maintaining an atmosphere of discipline. In addition, the campus works hard to provide its students with a secure and risk-free atmosphere. Every student is held to extremely high expectations and standards by the educational institution regarding their academic achievement, the number of extracurricular activities in which they participate, and their overall degree of personal responsibility.
    • The academics are enthusiastic about their work, the administration is proactive and imaginative, and the students profit from the talents of a committed group of professors and other faculty members. The faculties, on the whole, are pretty competent, and the students get the benefits of having access to the skills of a committed set of professors.

    College Highlights

    College Type

    Private, Non-Profit

    Established Year

    2005 AD

    Number of Programs


    Tuition Fees

    2-4 lakhs



    Katik-Mangsir (Bachelor)

    Main Intakes

    The main intake for +2 is Shrawan &Kartik-Mangsir for most Bachelor programs.


    Academically sound, deserving, and underprivileged students who match the college's qualifications are eligible for various scholarships.

    Application Process

    Applicants can apply for admission to the college in two ways: online or by visiting the college.

    Documents/Qualifications required for Admission

    Academic Documents

    • SLC Mark sheet
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • SLC Character Certificate
    • Transcript of 12th grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th grade

    For Masters, include the following:

    • Transcript of Bachelor's Degree 
    • Individual Mark sheets of Bachelor's Degree 
    • Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree 
    • Provisional Certificate of Bachelor Degree  
    • Migration Certificate of Bachelor Degree 

    Qualification Requirements

    • Bachelor: Applicants that received 50% as a C+ grade in their 10+2 or equivalent and passed the TU/college admission exams.
    • Masters: Applicants who have obtained 50% or above in their Bachelor's degree or equivalent and have passed the TU/college admission examination.


    Where is Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management (KMCSM) located?

    The college is situated in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Does the college provide scholarships to students?

    Yes, the college does provide scholarships based on previous academic performance. Academically sound, deserving, and underprivileged students who match the college's qualifications qualify for various scholarships.

    What is the primary intake?

    The main intake for +2 is Shrawan &Kartik-Mangsir for most Bachelor programs.

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