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    University of New Brunswick
    Founded in 1785, UNB offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 60 disciplines and continuing education in a variety of fields.The University of New Brunswick is committed to providing a positive learning and working environment, one in which all members of its community are respectful and respected as individuals. We strive to foster welcoming and supportive community, where every person feels empowered to contribute. In May 1998, a President’s Task Force for a Positive Learning and Working Environment was established, a bi-campus committee under the leadership of Dean of Law Anne La Forest. This committee identified four essential elements of its mandate: community recognition of what constitutes a Positive Environment; prevention in the form of education and information; accountability for the community, and, when needed, redress for the individual. Building on the Report of that Task Force, this Declaration sets out the principles that form the foundation for a Positive Environment for learning, working, and living, the three essential aspects of a university community. This community, and the rights and responsibilities of its members, extends to all locations where UNB students and employees are engaged in University-related activity, with the exception of jurisdictions whose laws or physical limitations are beyond the control of the University.

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