Ace Institute of Management

    Ace Institute of Management

    ACE Institute of Management

    Ace Institute of Management is a leading provider of management related courses and degrees in Nepal.

    It is a contemporary, open-minded, conscientious learning centre where students rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. 

    Ace Institute of Management was established in 1999. It is located in Baneshwor. 

    An alumnus of Ace Institute of Management

    It has a record of over 300 faculty members and more than 5000 alumni. 

    Some famous alumni of this institute are Kulman Ghising (Former Managing Director, NEA)- the man who brightened up Nepal and Anupama Khujeli (CEO, Mega Bank Nepal Limited)

    It is living its vision of enhancing the capacity of individuals and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the nation’s development. 

    Why choose ACE Institute of Management?

    The same year it was founded, ACE launched the first Executive MBA program in Nepal in 1999.

    The MBA program offered by Ace Institute of Management has acquired a distinguished reputation for being the most rigorous and fulfilling experience. 

    The undergraduate programs such as BBA and BBA-BI, are considered among some of the best in the country. 

    Additionally, students who graduated from our institute have practical skills and are widely sought after in the employment market. 

    ACE Institute of Management masters program

    • MBA- Pokhara University
    • MBA Evening- Pokhara University
    • MBA- Queen Margaret University
    • Executive MBA (EMBA)- Pokhara University

    ACE Institute of Management Bachelors program

    • BBA- Pokhara University
    • BBA- Queen Margaret University
    • BBA-BI- Pokhara University

     Ace Higher Secondary School

    The higher secondary program of Ace Higher Secondary School, a spin-off of Ace Institute of Management, has established itself as students’ first choice program in the management stream.

    In a short span of 9 years, Ace A-Level has distinguished itself from the crowd with its individual-centred approach to learning and focus on management and social sciences stream only. 

    We have completed seventeen years of creating leaders and showing the way to a new nation and yet, we feel this is just the beginning. 

    These seventeen years have been extremely rewarding, and we continue to live our vision and commitment to value-based management education which has strong relevance to real life.

    Here at Ace, we are deeply committed to promoting a learning environment where individuals rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. 

    ACE will continue to provide students with quality education and opportunities to explore and develop their potential so that they can make their mark in whatever they do.



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