Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

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The Master of Science Computer Science (MSCS) program is designed to advance the professional careers of technologists in the field of computing. It presents a modern curriculum that challenges students to apply principles of design, critical and algorithmic thinking, innovation, management, and problem solving to the field of computer science. It prepares students to move into advanced careers in computer science and software by providing the necessary advanced skills and knowledge in computer systems, software, and telecommunications to effectively implement computerization processes across several industries including healthcare, manufacturing, research and development, education, finance, and other fields which require advanced computerization to remain competitive in the global economy.
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Course Category: Computer Science & IT
Degree Level: Master
Von Karman Ave, Irvine, California, 92614, The United States of America (USA).
MSCS Core Course Requirements (36 Credit Hours) Course Code Course Title Credit Hours MSCS 600 Software Quality Metrics 3 credit hours MSCS 601 Principles of Data Management 3 credit hours MSCS 602 Modern Operating Systems 3 credit hours MSCS 603 Computer Systems Architecture 3 credit hours MSCS 604 Software Engineering Concepts 3 credit hours MSCS 605 Java Web Applications 3 credit hours MSCS 606 Web Services Development & XML 3 credit hours MSCS 610 .NET Programming 3 credit hours MSCS 612 Software Test Automation & Tools 3 credit hours MSCS 624 Telecommunications & Networking 3 credit hours MSCS 690 Big Data Analytics 3 credit hours MSCS 693 Applied Computer Science Capstone Project 3 credit hours
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$26,100 /Full Course 
International 2021
Domestic 2021
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