Instagram Marketing (Short Course)

10 Week
A$875/Full Course
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Visit the  official programme website  for more information.
Study Mode: Online
Course Category: Business & Management
Degree Level: Associate Degree or Equivalent
Level 3 & 7, 114-120 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia.
COMPREHENSIVE COURSE CONTENT Module 1. INTRO TO INSTAGRAM MARKETING Turn your account from ‘everyday use’ into a strategic marketing tool Module 2. UNDERSTANDING THE ALGORITHM Learn how the platform works and use this to your advantage Module 3. CREATING GREAT CONTENT Identify your niche and the type of content you will produce Module 4. DEFINING YOUR STRATEGY Understand how different types of content work on the platform Module 5. MAKING IT HAPPEN Manage your content production for efficiency and optimal results Module 6. SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE Construct a professional and reputable account that builds trust Module 7. CONFIGURING POSTS FOR ENGAGEMENT Create content that captivates the attention of your target market Module 8. ATTRACT PROFILE VISITORS Connect with the type of followers you want for your business Module 9. MEASURE RESULTS & ADJUST YOUR STRATEGY Learn and understand the metrics that increase profile growth Module 10. MONETISE YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT Use your account to generate new, effective revenue streams
Visit the official programme website  for more information.
Visit the official programme website  for more information.
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Visit the official programme website  for more information.
A$875 /Full Course 


Visit the  official programme website   for more information.