Master in Business Administration (MBA)

2 Year
₹250,000/Full Course
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The two-year, full-time MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is the flagship programme of ACME. The curriculum is designed by VTU and we deliver the curriculum in an innovative and practical oriented manner with emphasis on case studies, guest lectures and plenty of activities for the holistic development of the participants. The two years are divided into 4 semesters and each semester is of 16 weeks duration
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Course Category: Business & Management
Degree Level: Master
1st Main Rd, Ags Colony, Anandnagar, Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560024, India.
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Visit the official programme website  for more information.
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This course is designed to Acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and are enabled to apply them to solve practical problems in business and other organizations / institutions of importance. Apply Effective communication skills with a high degree of lateral and critical thinking that enhances learn ability, developed for being continuously employable. Demonstrate leadership qualities, ethically sound, enabled with decision making skills that reflect a high degree of social consciousness. Recognize the need for sustained research orientation to comprehend a growingly complex, economic, legal, and ethical environment. Possess self-sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourages calculated risk taking.
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₹250,000 /Full Course 
International 2021
Domestic 2021
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