50 Difficult Phrases with Meaning

50 Difficult Phrases with Meaning

50 Difficult Phrases with Meaning
Sahil DahalThu Sep 01 2022

A phrase is a short set of words that stand together as a logical unit, usually as part of a sentence. Phrases are the most significant components of every language.

Learning new vocabulary isn't enough to become a competent English speaker. However, idioms and phrases may help.

Phrases with Meaning

The following are the 50 most frequent English phrases, along with their definitions and sentences:

  • To bank on someone/something

Meaning: To speculate on the possibility of something.

  • Bring to the table

Meaning: Providing someone with knowledge or advantages.

  • To be out of your mind

Meaning: To be anxious about anything or unable to focus on anything.

  • It drives me up the wall

Meaning: To be highly irritated.

  • Hit the ceiling

Meaning: To erupt with anger.

  • Zero in on

Meaning: To concentrate or target something precisely.

  • Calling the shots

Meaning: To have authority over people or to influence their actions.

  • I got my mojo working

Meaning: When someone's luck is highly favourable.

  • Speak of the Devil

Meaning: When someone arrives just after you mention them.

  • To think outside the box.

Meaning: Think uniquely and creatively.

  • A hard nut to crack

Meaning: An individual who is notoriously difficult to work with.

  • All ears

Meaning: Highly focused or eager to hear the other person who now has your undivided attention.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

Meaning: It is preferable to show than to tell; depiction provides a more powerful message than words.

  • A piece of cake

Meaning: Anything easy, simple task, or job.

  • Better late than never

Meaning: It is preferable to arrive late rather than never arrive.

  • Born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Meaning: Someone born into a wealthy family.

  • Bread and butter

Meaning: A individual's earnings; signify when a person makes a living.

  • Break the ice

Meaning: To attempt to become acquaintances with someone; to begin something.

  • Break a leg

Meaning: Best wishes, good luck.

  • Can't judge a book by its cover

Meaning: You can't evaluate something only based on its look.

  • To get the ball rolling

Meaning: To begin something.

  • Hit the sack

Meaning: Sleep/go to bed.

  • A chink in the armour

Meaning: Having an issue or fault that is preventing success.

  • To be on cloud 9

Meaning: To feel overjoyed as a result of a successful endeavour.

  • Drop someone a line

Meaning: To communicate with someone through email, letter, or phone call.

  • Off the cuff

Meaning: Something that is impulsive or spontaneous.

  • Boon companion

Meaning: The closest buddy with whom one likes spending time.

  • Economical with the truth

Meaning: Presenting false events and facts.

  • Twenty-four/seven

Meaning: Something that lasts the entire day.

  • Chasing rainbows

Meaning: To pursue your aspirations while attempting to accomplish something impossible.

  • On pins and needles

Meaning: Anxious/Nervous/In a condition of uncertainty.

  • Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: To be extremely calm and relaxed.

  • It costs an arm and a leg

Meaning: When something is far too pricey, it is far too expensive.

  • Cry over spilt milk

Meaning: To be dissatisfied with something that has already been done or an error that cannot be corrected.

  • Draw a longbow

Meaning: To lie or exaggerate.

  • Easier said than done

Meaning: It's not as simple as it appears and more complex than you believe.

  • Eat like a bird

Meaning: To eat relatively little food.

  • Feeling under the weather

Meaning: To be ill, sick, or to have a hangover.

  • Find your feet

Meaning: Gain confidence in what you're doing or grow acquainted with a new circumstance or encounter.

  • Food for thought

Meaning: A concept to consider; consider what could result from an incident or scenario.

  • Find the pony

Meaning: Finding something positive in a terrible circumstance.

  • Badger to Death

Meaning: To persistently poke, annoy, and bother.

  • Out of the jaws of death

Meaning: To be rescued from a potentially deadly circumstance.

  • One-stop-shop

Meaning: A single location where all items and services are available.

  • Sleep like a top

Meaning: Sleep well.

  • Pardon my French

Meaning: Seek an apology if you used vulgar or abusive words.

  • Kettle of fish

Meaning: A challenging or embarrassing situation.

  • Kicking one's heels

Meaning: Wasting time waiting for anything or someone.

  • Might and main

Meaning: Attempting to do anything.

  • Elvis has left the building. 

Meaning: A punchline is frequently used to disperse a crowd after an event.

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