Master of Clinical Psychology in Canada

Master of Clinical Psychology in Canada

Suman PoudelTue Nov 23 2021

There are numerous careers in the field of mental and behavioural health. Many times, we have seen that the terms therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or counsellor are used interchangeably. 

We are probably well-known for the term “psychology”, but clinical psychology is something interesting to know about before we dive into pursuing the master of clinical psychology in Canada.

In regards to Clinical psychology, American Psychological Association (APA) has defined it as a specialization under psychology that focuses on offering continuous and comprehensive mental health care for individuals, families, and communities.

But, how do Clinical psychologists differ from other psychologists? One strong distinction between them is that clinical psychologists deal with patients with severe mental issues, whereas general psychologists focus on maintaining healthy mental well-being.

Also referred to as Applied psychology, the program covers various aspects of mental illness, psychiatric problems, as well as abnormal human behaviour. 

The masters of science in clinical psychology connects the science of psychology to identify and resolve such related issues. 

There are three major concerns covered under this course, such as theory, intervention and diagnosis.

  • The theory section: Basic and better understanding of psychopathology
  • Diagnosis of what’s happening (Cause and effect)
  • Intervention is identifying solutions to bring a change.

Students interested to pursue their career in clinical psychology can choose any specialization of their interest, such as

  • Health psychology
  • Child and adult’s mental health
  • Abnormality
  • Psychological disturbances.

Why study Clinical Psychology in Canada?

  • Canada has been known to be one of the most popular education destinations in the world, due to its exceptional service and quality education.
  • The country possesses some top-notch colleges and universities, with the highest rankings in the world.
  • Canadians are found to be very welcoming and friendly with international students.
  • Canada is also known to be one of the strongest economies having diverse groups of people, high living standards and a flexible learning environment for the students.
  • Masters of clinical psychology in Canada can facilitate students towards academic, research or clinical career opportunities in terms of their further education, and health care industry.
  • This degree in Canada is also accredited by Canadian Psychological Association.

What do we study under Clinical Psychology?

Under clinical psychology, students can gain deep insights into various perspectives on the cognitive-behavioural approach, humanistic approach as well as psychodynamic approach. Some of the specific topics covered under these perspectives are as follows:

  • Health psychology
  • Human sexuality
  • Forensic psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Women’s issues
  • Child and adult’s psychology
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Critical thinking abilities and decision-making skills
  • Ethics in clinical psychology
  • Legal issues
  • Research criteria.

The graduates of clinical psychology can undertake research focusing on different kinds of human psychology disorders, by collaborating with companies in the medical or pharmaceutical industry.

Top Colleges and Universities for Clinical Psychology in Canada

According to Maclean’s 2021 Rankings, the following list of universities has achieved top 10 positions in terms of best psychology programs. The ranking has been done based on their program and research reputation.

The total cost of studying clinical or applied psychology in Canada varies depending on the university’s teaching methods, quality, location, infrastructures and ranking.

College/ University

Ranking in Best Psychology Schools

Acceptance rate

Total Tuition Fee (Per Annum)

University of Toronto




University of British Columbia




McGill University


33.6 %


Western University




York University




University of Calgary




University of Waterloo



$7,254.00 (per term)

Queen's University


10.4% to 19.3%


Course Duration of Clinical Psychology - How many years does it take to study Clinical Psychology in Canada?

The two years’ program in Clinical Psychology will enable students to get quality training on research and intensive practical approaches related to psychological as well as clinical psychology. 

It contains evidence-based approaches to understand, identify the causes, determine preventive measures as well as identify solutions to any psychological problems.

Generally, the program contains courses on psychopathology, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and assessments. 

During the program, students should also complete an original thesis work containing research-based information, survey results, along with informed analysis and interpretations of the results.

Admission Process for Clinical Psychology in Canada

In order to enrol in the Master of clinical psychology in the Canada, prospective students should possess an undergraduate degree with a minimum of B+ in psychology or another related discipline.



Admission Requirements

1.     Bachelor’s Degree/ Honours degree in psychology or related discipline

2.     Minimum GPA 3.6 on a four-point scale.

3.     IELTS/TOEFL or any other proof of English Proficiency.

Minimum Criteria:

TOEFL: 105 points,

IELTS: 7.5


Documents required

1.     Official Transcripts of previous academics.

2.     2-3 Academic Reference Letters of recommendations.

3.     A clear Statement of Research and professional interests.

4.     Resume.

5.     English version of native-language Transcripts.

6.     Evaluation of transcripts by an accredited agency.

7.     GRE scores may be optional, depending on the university’s admission criteria. 

Clinical Psychology Scholarship Opportunities in Canada

Canadian Universities offer numerous scholarship opportunities for students pursuing their master or postgraduate degree. Under psychology, students can secure themselves with scholarships ranging from $700 to $13000 in Canada.

There are three major evaluation criteria, through which students are evaluated for their scholarship eligibility, such as academic excellence, research potential and leadership skills.

  • Academic excellence can be demonstrated with an excellent academic history, awards, and scholarships.
  • Research potential can be demonstrated through students’ research history, student’s interest, critical thinking abilities, judgement skills, initiative abilities, along strong references.
  • Students can also exhibit their leadership skills through one’s achievements, involvement in leadership activities in previous schools or communities, or having a vision for the future possibilities in their related field of study.

The available scholarships in the top 10 universities in Canada for masters in psychology/ Clinical Psychology are presented in the following table.

College/ University

Scholarship and Financial Aid


University of Toronto

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program

CAD 5,000 ;Merit-based scholarship

University of British Columbia

Graduate Entrance Scholarship, International Tuition Awards (ITA)

Based on academic transcripts, letters of recommendations, and research productivity.

McGill University

Not available for International Students


Western University

Limited scholarships for international students

Based on Academics.

York University

Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, and Entrance Scholarships

Entrance scholarship available based on academics.

University of Calgary

Lori Egger and Stephen Laut Graduate Scholarship in Clinical Psychology

Award Value Up to $2500

University of Waterloo

Graduate Scholarship in Clinical Psychology

Award valued at $4,000,

Queen's University

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

CAD 5,000 ;Merit-based scholarship

Scope and Salary Range of Clinical Psychology in Canada

The employment growth rate in the mental health professions is expected to grow by 14% in the US, mainly due to the rise in addictions and consumption of drugs, ageing population, post-traumatic stress among military veterans, and other mental health issues.

According to, which is a leading job portal in Canada, there are more than 200 jobs that are open for students who have completed their Masters of Clinical psychology degree.

The salaries of psychologists or clinical psychologists vary depending on several factors such as the field of specialization, years of expertise, location and so on. However, the average base salary (as of November 13, 2021) is $57.42 per hour in Canada.

Positions in the Medical field

Average Salary (per annum)


$243,467 approx.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

$110,869 approx.

Clinical Psychologist

$109,697 approx.

Counselling Psychologist

$136,500 approx.

Forensic Psychologist

$262,845 approx.

School Psychologist

$91,689 approx.

 Often taken as a stepping stone, there is a wide array of opportunities for clinical psychologists in medical settings such as palliative care, private business practices or in the academic side at post-secondary levels.

With this degree, they can even become a personal psychologist for their clients with severe psychiatric disorders, its treatment, acting as a testimony in legal issues, as well as securing administrative positions to treat social and community issues related to human psychology.

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