Advantages and Disadvantages of using Education Agents

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Education Agents

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Education Agents
Aditee NeupaneTue Feb 02 2021

An education agent is a person, agency, or business that provides students who are interested in studying abroad with educational support and placement services. An education agent advises students and their families when choosing an institution, study program, and study destination based on their individual needs.

The number of students using the services provided by education agents is growing each day. With the intention to help students find the right course, many agents sincerely approach them. 

Advantages of choosing an education agent

  • They provide essential information about the institution and the local area to the students who may not know much about the foreign place.
  • They have extensive experience in the education industry and know and understand the problems of international students.
  • Education agent help to find a course and university according to a student’s interests and requirements.
  • Education agents offer assistance to students at the most affordable rate and for the longest time possible.
  • They also offer job and accommodation assistance to students. Agents know a lot more about inexpensive courses that students may not know about. Different institutions and schools around the world provide education with affordable tuition fees along with various scholarships for international students. Education agents guide students for these processes.
  • They are empathetic, patient and understanding and listen to all your queries and answer them.

Similar to other sectors, there are both good and bad sides within the education sector as well. A student can find an education agent with good intentions to help them but also easily find bad education agents with no proper intentions of helping a student. So, beware of the education agents who might try to mislead you and always go for authentic reputed agencies. 

Disadvantages of using an education agent

  • As there are many institutions that pay a higher commission to the education agents, they may direct a student into a course of their choice just to make a commission out of it. You should watch out for such agents.
  • They may not show you all the options available due to some restrictions or other reasons. Limited options may direct you towards choosing an institution that does not fulfil your requirements. If that happens do not choose against your will.
  • They may get careless and file a visa with incorrect information. Education agents are only allowed to help students to understand the process of completing a visa application, so students must be observant while filing a visa.

Make sure to consult a few education agents at first so that you can compare and choose the best. A skilled and professional agent will save you a lot of effort and time and will guide you throughout the process of applying for a visa. Before signing any document make sure to read it thoroughly. 

If you have a friend or a family member who has knowledge about the process, take them along for guidance and help. And lastly don’t be easily swayed by what the agent tells you, do your own part of the research too.

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